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Post-Marital Stepfamily & Blended Marital Therapy

The bride and groom at a party.

You said, "I do!"

Now things are coming up...

You’re married! Maybe you have only been married for a week, or maybe you have been married for much longer. Whatever length of time you have been married, you may realize there are many more more challenges than you expected whether relational, emotional, psychological, financial, physical, problems with your ex, problems with their ex, and many other unexpected (or even expected) situations your family may find itself in. There are so many ways to move past the ebbs and flows of numerous scenarios. Don’t lose hope! There are plentiful solutions and ways to work together, even if you really feel you’ve “tried everything.” Let’s give it another shot!  Dr. Perry is more than happy to meet with you and your partner, other members of your family, to create a safe place for you to come together, dive into the challenges you are facing or have already faced.

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