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High Conflict Divorce Family Services

High Conflict Divorce Mediation

Many divorces fall under the category as being a ‘High-Conflict’ divorce. Scholarship for the last 20 years has indicated that regardless of intervention strategies, 10-20% of all divorces will end with a high amount of animosity between divorcing parties. Partners who cannot come to agreements should have an unbiased and experienced observer to facilitate discussions.


Often, what is disagreed about is indicative of deeper unspoken concerns that may be addressed within the context of a safe environment. The ability to create a healthy dialogue between partners facilitates not only the current mediated agreement but, also provides a secure and healthy model for children who may be involved and are the most effected by the agreements. Providing insight and in-depth analysis to the impasse greatly facilitates the growth of each participant. 

Photo of a distanced couple.

High Conflict Coparenting

A photo of a happy couple and their baby.

Dr.Perry chose the photo on the left as a reminder. A reminder that you and your partner more than likely took a photo similar to this when you were taking in every moment of your child's life and just in awe that you could create the most amazing little human together. High conflict divorces are usually aligned with high-conflict co-parenting. The photo on the left states what you may have clearly lost sight of, your child(ren). When you tear down you ex, you tear down one-half of your child(ren).


In their minds, no matter their age, they know they represent the two of you. If one parent is 'bad' then out of the many possibilities of who they are, comes one constant internalization, that they must be 'bad' too. There are so many reasons, really wonderful reasons, to create a strong co-parenting bond together. Dr. Perry wants to help you with this. You don't have to like each other to remember, it really ALL is about what is in the best interest of your 'child(ren)'.

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