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Other Family Services for Stepfamilies & Blended Families

Providing Everything You Need...

Grieving the Loss of Your Marriage

Quite often for something to begin anew, a loss has likely to have occurred. Grieving the loss of a marriage can create overwhelming sadness, even if the marriage was not 'perfect.' The loss could have been expected through a long-term illness death, or through unexpected events as well, such as a partner who needed to make a change or maybe you had to make that change. Sometimes, an even greater challenge one must overcome, is the ability to allowing themselves to move past the grief and recognize they are still worthy of love, acceptance, time and energy that another soul could endear toward them. You really are worthy of a new relationship that moves you in every way to remember it really is okay.

Single or Half-time Parent Support

Some of the most negative issues arise when a person is parenting their child(ren) as a single, half-time, or less than half-time parent. In families where this is occurring the typical problems surface and create animosity around money, time, energy, and certainly child-rearing differences. Adding to a multitude of stressors a parent can also be dealing with stressors such as parental alienation, and custodial arrangements based upon the current needs a child may have because of their age, and if a parent is unfit or unable to provide for the child's needs.  

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