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Understanding the Transition Daze: Speaker Series, Workshops, and Seminars



To greater understand the dynamics and plights of stepfamilies, we must understand how emotional times affect each family. One of the most emotionally fraught times of a stepfamily is the day the children prepare to leave your home for the other parent, or vice-versa. Having a smooth transition is helpful for all members of the family, yet this time is typically a time of emotional upheaval that never seems to go away or if it begins to improve, it is time to transition again. The transition day can set the tone in a positive, or negative way for your children or stepchildren. Everyone in the family is uniquely in their own "transition daze©," as it is inevitable. Let me help you navigate your transition day so the time you spend with your children is not a time of conflict, but a time of reconnection and joy. If there are members of your family, church, or institution who would benefit from learning more about navigating their family, I am happy to help! Please inquire.

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