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How can I help your family?


This is your time to unite two wonderful families together, I would love to help you on this journey.



Our first meeting is dedicated to getting to know one another and to see if I am the best fit for the desires and goals of your family. There is never a fee associated with our first visit together.

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Meetings can range from bi-weekly, to weekly, and other possible fits for your family. During our first week together we will discuss goals for your family. Our subsequent times together will be spent reaching toward your family goals together. Session can involve an individual on their own, a stepparent and stepchild, biological parents and their biological child(ren) or any unique combination that your family needs. The cost is $180 per hour (50 minutes). I do offer a sliding scale when needed.


With the many challenges in uniting two unique families together comes a wonderful time to prepare for what is to come as you embark on blending your family together as one, or if you are struggling post blending. There are individual family options for pre-nuptial blended family coaching, and post union as well.

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If you feel led to reach out to me, please don't hesitate. There is no more important commitment than the one you have made or are about to make. Uniting two unique families can come with challenges, but also rewards. Whether you are seeking pre-nuptual blended family coaching, help in a current situation, or if your family needs to be reinvigorated to stay the course; together, it is my belief, that we can get you there!